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Sandro Mabellini

Lives and works between Italy and Belgium.

Mabellini graduated from “ Scuola di Teatro G. Garrone”; he perfected his knowledge in directing at the Centro Teatrale Santa Cristina and his skills as a performing artist with the Societas Raffaello Sanzio.

He specialized as a director on contemporary authors such as Godfrey Hamilton, Joël Pommerat, Jon Fosse, Davide Carnevali, Martin Crimp, Albert Ostermaier, Patrick Marber. 
He won first prize as producer at the Napoli Teatro Festival with the film “Tu (non) sei il tuo lavoro” by Rosella Postorino, and “Casa di bambola”  by Emanuele Aldrovandi; he also won the prize for producer at the Festival I Teatri del Sacro with “Stava la madre” by Angela Dematté.

After his training with the Societas and viewing “Cendrillon” in Paris by the acting company “Pommerat”, he begun a research on contemporary plays addressed to children. 
In Italy he staged two fairy tales, Cenerentola (Cinderella) and Cappuccetto Rosso (Little Red Riding Hood), brought to present day thanks to Joël Pommerat’s clever rewriting.