di Alessandro Serra


with Lorenzo Friso, Maria Magdolna Johannes, Chiara Michelini,
Rodrigo Scaggiante, Michael Untertrifaller

Direction, Lights, Scene designer, costumes:
Alessandro Serra

Teatro La Ribalta/Accademia Arte della Diversità
Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri

Show created in collaboration with
Compagnia Teatropersona

Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri is promoting a new project created by the encounter between Alessandro Serra and the artists of “Accademia Arte della Diversità” (the cooperative that evolved from “Teatro La Ribalta” of Antonio Viganò).
The artists, many of whom are protagonists of the play -on stage with the dancer Chiara Michelini-, bring an unexpected and innovative richness and intensity that awakens sleeping emotions.

The interpretative space, organized and enclosed by two galleries positioned symmetrically, sharpens and encourages the comprehension of the play, thanks to an intimate setting and the closeness to the interpretative theatrical gestures happening on stage, with the intent to restore to live performances a dimension of closeness that communicates directly the emotions represented on stage. 

Hansel and Gretel is perhaps one of the purest initiatory fairytales, in fact when the Grimm brothers reviewed the tale it remained almost entirely intact. Every gesture is an archetype, every sentence a proverb.

The stage is organized in order to facilitate the participation of the audience. The two siblings search for our gaze in the crowd yet, although they are so close to us, their gazes seem to pass right through us, but if we were to reach out and touch them... we would be burned.

The audience sits, as witnesses, beside the stage, they are separated by a long pathway of rusty steel that connects the two tragic locations of the fairytale: the wooden house and the gingerbread house. 

Hansel and Gretel is a tale of faith and love. A tale of courage, not of epic or heroic actions, but of the courage it takes to embrace ones destiny and to live it to the end. Only this way, without compromising, shall there be a transformation, the overturn we all yearn for that implies a very high stake: a life for a life. Only through the experience of loss and the dark journey through fear shall we open the door to safety, being simply the rediscovery of oneself.

We must learn to grow up to become children again.


L’Accademia Arte della Diversità – Teatro la Ribalta – of Bolzano is the first professional acting company to involve actors and actresses with “handicaps”. A cultural heritage that renews and stimulates theatrical performances with an artistic gamble out of any comforting, therapeutic or entertaining logic. On stage, these “different” actors bring to their assigned roles their essence without pretence; they communicate their entirety and are capable of a unique sincerity that transmits authentic emotions. Allowing a hidden, secret and absolutely poetic dimension to surface and to claim fully, more than usual, the right to exist. Theatre allows these people to be different from their “diversity”, it doesn’t remove nor exhibit it: theatre simply transfigures their realities into something infinitely more powerful, theatre emancipates them from their condition, promoting their dignity as people that bring their own authenticity. www.teatrolaribalta.it

“Compagnia Teatropersona” was founded in 1999. After an initial interest in the field of research tied to “Third Theatre” and Grotowski’s work on physical actions, the company began to focus its training on the principles of biomechanics by Mejerchol’d integrated with the fundaments of martial arts and oriental theatre. From traditional phonatory techniques, vocal studies have evolved through the study of vibrational and Gregorian chants with Padre Emanuel Roze, at the abbey of “Sant’Antimo”. The encounter with Yves Lebreton and his method on Corporeal Theatre was also fundamental for the company in the last years. Teatropersona creates its shows through the theatrical research founded on the centrality of the actor and the composition of imagery. Theatrical pedagogy is also a big interest of the company, in fact it often holds workshops and seminaries for children. The company produces plays for children and adults performed in Italy, France, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, South Korea and Germany. www.teatropersona.it

Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri, is a Theatre production centre directed by Ruggero Sintoni and Claudio Casadio. A group of young actors founded it in 1982. In 1986 it became “Organismo stabile di Produzione, Programmazione, Promozione e Ricerca Teatrale per l’infanzia e la gioventù” (entity of production, programming, promotion and theatrical research for children and young people). From 1982 to today, Accademia Perduta has been involved in an intense and productive creation of plays for young people that are recognizable thanks to reoccurring traits such as the care for fantasy, imagination and the emotional participation of the audience. With various different artistic formations, the company has brought its plays all over Italy and, with time, crossing the national borders to participate to a number of national and international festivals.
Since the year 2000 Accademia Perduta has also developed important Theatrical civic stance projects, throughout the years it has also developed various cultural projects dedicated, in various ways, to the idea of spirituality and the creation of a new genre of theatrical performances: an original form of circus-theatre (Il Circo della Pace, in collaboration with the city communities). Since 2009 Accademia Perduta, that is perusing its own artistic activity in multiple fields of figurative art, also contributes the the creation of cinematographic projects, exploring the various disciplinary layers of expressive languages in an endless research and collaboration with the best national and international artists.