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Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri is directed by Ruggero Sintoni and Claudio Casadio and is recognized as a production centre by the Mi.B.A.C., it was founded in 1982 by a group of actors as a Company of Theatre for Children and Young People.
In 1986, it became “Organismo Stabile di Produzione, Programmazione e Ricerca Teatrale per l’infanzia e la gioventù” (Resident Company for theatre production and research for children and young people).

Since its foundation Accademia Perduta has been engaged in an intense and prolific theatre production destined to young people. A strong focus on imagination and on the fantastic is their stage-productions trademark, aiming at the emotional involvement of the audience. Overtime the Company, through various artistic formations, has widely toured Italy and abroad, participating to many national and international events and festivals.

Amongst the many Awards received are: “Teatralia”, the most important showcase of Theatre for Children and Young People in Spain; “Momix”, a prestigious festival in France; in 2008 “Theaterherbst”, a festival of Italian theatre in Berlin, organized by ETI- Ente Teatrale Italiano, with the Italian Culture Institute in Berlin; the “Festival 2Mondi” in Spoleto; the “Giffoni” Festival.                                           

Some important titles are: “Cipì, il nido incantato” (Cipì, the enchanted nest), 1991, written and directed by Claudio Casadio; Turandot, (1997/1998) by Giampiero Pizzol and Claudio Casadio, who also directed the pièce;

“Hansel and Gretel” (2000), written and directed by Marcello Chiarenza, with Claudio Casadio and Daniela Piccari;

“I musicanti di Brema” (The Musicians of Bremen), 2003, by Giampiero Pizzol and Claudio Casadio (2004 ETI Award “Stregagatto” for the best play for young people):

“Pollicino” (Tom Thumb) 2004, written by Marcello Chiarenza, interpreted by Claudio Casadio, has toured extensively in the most prestigious Italian theatres as well as the main cities in France, Spain and Switzerland.

In February 2007, “Pollicino” received the first prize of the important “Momix Festival” in Kingersheim (Alsace, France). In 2008 “Pollicino” also won the “Biglietto D’Oro Agis” Award-ETI for the most watched show in the 2007/2008 Theatre Season.

In recent years other productions, all directed by Claudio Casadio, are:

“Bandiera, ballata per una foglia” (Bandiera, ballad for a leaf), 2006

“Il pifferaio magico” (The Pied Piper), 2008

“La cicala e la formica” (The Ant and the Cicada), 2010

“Il bosco delle storie” (The forest of stories), 2012

“Sotto la neve” (Under the snow), 2013

“Un topo, due topi, tre topi… Un treno per Hamelin” (One mouse, two mice, three mice…A train for Hamelin), 2014

“Jack e il fagiolo magico” (Jack and the giant beanstalk), 2015

“Il gatto con gli stivali” (Puss in boots), 2017

"Pinocchio", 2019

In 2000, Accademia Perduta’s production activity took a significant “step forward” beginning its journey in “Teatro d’Impegno Civile e Sociale” (Theatre for civil and social commitement).

The first milestone of this journey was achieved with “I-tigi canto per Ustica” (I-Tigi, a song for Ustica) by Marco Paolini and the Giovanna Marini Voice Quartet, presented within the events of Bologna 2000 Capitale Europea della Cultura in occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Itavia plane crash in the sea of Ustica. The huge success of the production brought the show to be broadcasted on national television on RAI 2 only a few days after its opening with extraordinary viewing rates.

Accademia Perduta continues its social engagement in 2004 with “Maggio ’43” (May 1943), written and interpreted by Davide Ania and in 2007 with “Ultimo Volo-Orazione Civile per Ustica” (The last flight- Civic Oration for Ustica). The latter is a musical theatre piece by Pippo Pollina opened on the 27th of June at the Teatro Manzoni in Bologna in occasion of the 27th anniversary of the Ustica disaster. Impressive production at Accademia Perduta goes hand in hand with intense theatre programming of Theatre for Children and Young People in many theatres of the Ravenna, Forlì/ Cesena provinces, in agreement with the local administrations.

In 1987, starting from the “Il Piccolo” theatre in Forlì, Accademia Perduta began elaborating  evening programs, thus addressed to adult audiences, that soon reached the following Theatres: Faenza Masini, Bagnacavallo Goldoni, Cervia Comunale, Dragoni in Meldola, besides this extensive presence in said theatres, the productions also participated in various Summer festivals in the Ravenna Province at “Teatro Masini Estate” in Faenza, “Teatro al chiaro di luna” in Bagnacavallo, “Brisighella Danza” and “Teatro Ragazzi al Borgo” in Brisighella.

The theatre network established by Accademia Perduta via its mixed public-private management represents a unique organization “case”, object of research and thesis studies carried out by prominent universities such as the “L. Bocconi” in Milan.

In 1993 and in 1997 Accademia Perduta created and organized the festival “Teatro per la verità”, featuring significant names of Italian theatre and music, programmed in theatres all across the Romagna region, with profits entirely donated to the “Associazione dei parenti delle vittime della strage di Ustica” (Association of the relatives of the victims of  the Ustica tragedy).

In 1995, Accademia Perduta brought to life the Festival “Colpi di Scena- Biennale di Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani Contemporaneo”, now at its eighth edition, which has received the ETI Award Stregagatto as Best Festival of Theatre for Children and Young People. The same year a new exciting artistic endeavour begins: the creation of a new form of live performances consisting in an original style of outdoor circus-theatre, where international acrobats interact with monuments, towers, palaces and ledges. The project was fulfilled with the two editions of “La Notte delle Creature” in Piazza del Popolo in Ravenna (2004, 2005, 2013), in Piazza del Popolo in Faenza (2012), with “La Compagnia di Icaro” in Piazza Saffi in Forlì (2005), managing to contaminate also the world of fashion, as did happen with designer Cristina Rocca fashion shows in Ravenna in Piazza del Popolo and in the former Church of San Nicolò.

In the summer of 2006, Accademia Perduta produced and presented “La Passione” by Mario Luzi in Forlì/Cesena and Ravenna’s “Pievi” (ancient rural churches), a performance interpreted by Lucia Vasini and Daniela Piccari, directed by Velia Mantegazza and with original music by Daniela Ronconi.

In 2007 Accademia Perduta in collaboration with Alessandro Serena produced “Il Circo della pace” (Circus for Peace) for the town of Bagnacavallo, a project of extraordinary artistic, cultural and social value, performed all through the Christmas holidays in Piazza della Libertà in Bagnacavallo, involving the whole town. The protagonists of the event’s first edition were Parada e i ragazzi di Bucarest” (parada and the kids of Bucharest) were documented also by the homonymous book curated by Paolo Martini and Roberto Pozzi for the Moby Dick publishing house; the second edition, in 2008, involved the association Sarakasi and Nairobi acrobats; in 2009 the Columbian acrobats from Circo Para Todos were the stars; in 2010 young Afghan artists from Kabul MMCC Foundation (Mobile Mini Circus for Children). In occasion of this last experience, Accademia Perduta co-produced “Il Circo della Pace”, a docu-film directed by Nat Wilms: all profits were entirely donated to the artists and  Onlus and\or associations that support them.

In May 2008, in occasion of FAC (Contemporary Art Festival in Faenza -RA), Accademia Perduta created a trailer for the architectural visual show “Natività In Faenza”, a teaser that preluded the creation of a multimedia Nativity scene to be projected on the façade of the “Teatro Masini” in Faenza during the 2008/2009 Christmas holidays. This innovative and extraordinary show that embraces film, music, animation, dance and architecture witnesses the interdisciplinary collaboration of Faenza’s most relevant artists and the contribution of the Faenza Town Council, the Dioceses, the “Festival Arte Contemporanea”, the Confcooperative and Confederation of Ravena. In 2009, “Natività in Faenza” was invited to the Festival of Spirituality in New York (USA) and in April of the same year to DivinaMente in Rome. In the summer of 2009, Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri was the protagonist of the 52nd “Festival 2Mondi” in Spoleto with an anthology production of its most important creations of Theatre for Children and Young People.

Together with RosettaFilms, Accademia Perduta co-produced two documentaries of medium lenght directed by Roberta Torre, “Itiburtinoterzo” and “La notte quando è morto Pasolini” (The night when Pasolini died) that, after the “previews” at the “Festival dell’Arte Contemporanea” in Faenza (April 2009), at the “Nuovo Cinema Aquila” in Rome (May 2009), at the “Festival del Documentario” in Latina (July 2009) and at the “Festival Volterrateatro” (July 2009), the documentaries make their international debut at the 2nd edition of the prestigious Locarno Film Festival in August 2009. In November 2009 “Itibutirnoterzo” was selected for the Festival “Visioni Fuori Raccordo” in Rome.

The works have also participated to BiFest, Bari International Film Festival (January 2010), to Italia Doc 2010 in Rome (February 2010), to BaFiCi in Buenos Aires, Argentina (April 2010), to IndieLisboa, Lisbon International Film Festival (May 2010), the International Cinema and AudioVisual Seminar in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil (July 2010) and to RIDM in Montréal, Canada (November 2010).

In December 2009 Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri collaborates with the Comune di San Leo for the inauguration of the Teatro Comunale in Pietracuta with “Un Teatro per i ragazzi”, a theatre festival.

In June 2010, Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri is again invited to the Festival 2Mondi di Spoleto (53rd edition) to present an anthological production of Theatre for Children and Young People works and to introduce a new creation, “L’Orchetto” (the little ogre) with Claudio Casadio as main actor.

In July 2010 “Festival VolterraTeatro- I Teatri dell’Impossibile”, involves Accademia Perduta in a project focused on Claudio Casadio and on his journey between theatre and cinema with “Pollicino” and “L’Orchetto” as well as a screening of the film “L’Uomo che verrà (The man who will arrive) by Giorgio Diritti (2010 David di Donatello Award for Best Film), with Casadio as male protagonist.

In October 2010, Accademia Perduta initiates an innovative experiment to protect and preserve individual theatre identities together with the town Councils of San Leo, Novfeltria, Pennabili, Sant’Agata Feltria, Verucchio, with the support of the Rimini provincial government and “Regione E. R. la Rete dei Teatri della Valmarecchia” (the network of the theatres of Valmarecchia). Valmarecchia is an innovative “network” experiment that aims to protect Theatres and Accademia Perduta / Romagna Teatri is included in the experience.

In summer 2011, Accademia Perduta is invited for the third consecutive year to the Spoleto Festival with an anthological presentation of its productions. For the occasion “Pollicino”, “La cicala e la formica” and “E sulle case il cielo” (And above the houses the sky). The 21st Ravenna Festival invites Claudio Casadio and Accademia Perduta with “Pollicino” and “L’Orchetto” represented this time in a new version with the extraordinary participation of the composers of the original score playing live on scene.

In December 2011, the fifth editon of “Il Circo della Pace” (Circus of Peace) in Bagnacavallo brings together “Homeless”, “Circo e Dintorni”, the “Ocelot Foundation” (Poland) and the Hungarian State Circus. The project, presented to the CEE Commission came 4th out of the 561 applicants with 96/100 points. It will be funded within the “Programma Quadro” of the European Union for Culture 2007/2013.

In April 2012, in occasion of the 25th anniversary of “Cooperativa Zerocento”, Accademia Perduta  creates “La Notte delle Creature” (The Night of Creautures), a spectacular acrobatic and circus event galvanising thousands of spectators in Faenza’s Piazza del Popolo. In the summer of 2012, in occasion of Milano Marittima’s 100th anniversary, Accademia Perduta participates to the production of important celebrative events for the town of Cervia: “La Rotta del Sale” (The Salt Route), a historic enactment of the ancient sail ships carrying “white gold” from Cervia to Venice and the Concert for the Centenary with the participation of the internationally renowned interpreter Noa and the Toscanini Philharmonic.

In 2012, a co-production agreement is established with the “Teatro Stabile del Veneto” directed by Alessandro Gassmann to produce “Oscura Immensità” (Obscure immensity), a text written from the famous author Massimo Carlotto, interpreted by Claudio Casadio and Giulio Scarpati, directed by Alessandro Gassmann. The show opened in November 2012 at the Goldoni Theatre in Venice receiving a unanimous consensus of audience and critics.

The same year Ruggero Sintoni and Claudio Casadio develop a project for the “Teatro Diego Fabbri” in Forlì, becoming together with Lorenzo Bazzocchi (Masque Teatro) and Claudio Angelini (Town of Ebla) the artistic directors, bringing it back to a regional and national level of prestigious Theatres.

In June 2013, Accademia Perduta is amongst the founding enterprises of “Assoteatro”, an association born to promote live shows whilst respecting public offices and to facilitate the  freedom of artistic expression and to spread theatre culture, as an irreplaceable social value in the interest of the community and of common good. At the same time, “Genesi”, produced by Accademia Perduta in collaboration with “Festival Desidera”, wins the third edition of “Teatri del Sacro di Lucca”.

In October 2013, Accademia Perduta collaborates with the town of Faenza to restore and reopen to the public the “Ridotto” of the “Masini Theatre”, organizing four weeks of “Manifestazioni Inaugurali” (events of theatre, music, dance, video art, literature, fashion, guided visits and conferences) wanting to bring back to the town this prestigious space. This ambitious project, besides being the topic of research for a thesis at Milano’s Bocconi University, has participated to the Federculture “Premio Cultura+Imprese” (Award Culture+Enteprise) that wishes to reward the best projects for cultural partnership and sponsorship. With its reopening to the public, the Ridotto of the Teatro Masini has returned to be a living, vibrant space for the town’s culture, mainly devoted to contemporaneity and innovation.

During the 2014/2015 season Accademia Perduta/ Romagna Teatri co-produces with “Teatro e Società” “Il mondo non mi deve nulla” (The world owes me nothing), a show by Massimo Carlotto, interpreted by Claudio Casadio and Pamela Villoresi, directed by Francesco Zecca, which toured the main Italian theatres.

In 2015, Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri was recognised as a Centre for Cultural Production by MiBACT (The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities), thanks to the D.L. 1/7/2014 (government decree of /7/2014) and has since brought together in its productive activities the artistic creations of “Il Baule Volante”, “Cà Luogo d’Arte” and “Tanti Cosi Progetti” and co-producing with “Accademia Arte della Diversità / Teatro La Ribalta” with Antonio Viganò the pièce H+G by Alessandro Serra (Teatropersona), which opened at the international Festival “Segni d’Infanzia” in Mantua. In 2016, the performance receives the “Eolo Award” as Best New Show.

During the 2015/2016 season, Accademia Perduta / Romagna Teatri co-produced with “Società per Attori” the show “Mar de Plata”, by Claudio Fava, starring Claudio Casadio, Giovanni Anzaldo and Fabio Bussotti directed by Giuseppe Marini. In 2016, the performance receives the “Premio Speciale Persefone Carmelo Rocca” as Best Show by a contemporary author.

The same year Accademia Perduta / Romagna Teatri in partnership with “Demetra Formazione” and “La Baracca- Testoni Ragazzi di Bologna” carries out an Advanced Professional Course “Attore- Autore” (Author-Actor), funded by the Regional Government of Emilia Romagna and the European Union Social Fund.

The 600 hours course aims at forming new artistic figures with acting and authorial competences, with the ability to produce new shows for children and young people through research, experimentation and the use of various languages and expressive techniques.

In 2017 Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri co-produce with Compagnia Teatropersona the pièce Prince Midnight by Alessandro Serra and with CSS Teatro stabile d’innovazione FVG Alan e il mare by Giuliano Scarpinato which opened at the Festival "Segnali" in Milan.